Could you imagine having your teeth orthodontically corrected in half the time that it would take with conventional braces? It really is possible, with Fastbraces® from Dr. Bernard Slota at Denver Smiles in Lakewood.

Fastbraces® is a revolutionary technology that not only works faster than ordinary braces, it’s less expensive. It’s perfect for teens who are concerned about their appearance, and for adults who want to have their teeth corrected but who do not want to look like teenagers!

Fastbraces® Benefits

The very best thing about Fastbraces® is obvious from the name – they’re fast! They differ from conventional braces in that they can correct the alignment of your teeth often in as few as three months, and never more than a year. Old-fashioned braces work by moving the top of your teeth in year one of treatment, and then dealing with the roots in the second year. In case you have trouble with the math, let us explain – that means that you will be wearing braces for two full years. With Fastbraces®, the top and the roots are treated at the same time, so they can do in just a year at most what it takes conventional braces two years to do.

Another benefit to Fastbraces® is that they don’t hurt. If you know someone who has worn conventional metal braces, you have probably heard them complain about the pain that they feel when the braces are tightened, and even for days after the tightening. To make matters worse, they have to have their braces tightened every few weeks, and following the tightening, they are unable to enjoy their favorite foods.


There is really only one downside to Fastbraces®. They are not invisible. You can, of course, choose invisible braces like Invisalign® if you are very concerned about your appearance, but you will have to wear them for a long time. We cannot tell you that Fastbraces® are not noticeable – they are. Perhaps they are not quite so noticeable as metal braces, but people will know that you are wearing them. The benefit, again, is that you will not have to wear them for long. If you are not overly sensitive about your appearance, Fastbraces® can be the better choice.

The Procedure

Being fitted for Fastbraces® differs very little from being fitted for traditional braces. Your dentist will take impressions of your teeth in order to identify the type and level of correction that is needed, and then your Fastbraces® will be made and installed. You will need to visit your dentist office every six weeks to be sure that the correction is proceeding as it should, and to have the braces adjusted. However, because Fastbraces® work so quickly, you will need fewer visits than you would with other types of braces, and this will save you money.

Learn More

To find out more about Fastbraces® in Lakewood, contact Dr. Bernard Slota at Denver Smiles. You can reach Dr. Slota at 303-623-4444, or submit a request by using the form on the Contact Us page. We will be pleased to see you at our office.