Dr. Bernard Slota’s dental crown services offer a chance to completely restore a cracked or broken tooth–sometimes in danger of cracking down to the root if left unattended– or a decayed tooth that can no longer hold a filling. Our porcelain crowns blend in seamlessly with your smile, and they feel and function just like natural tooth structure.

A dental crown is a metal or porcelain cap that covers the problematic tooth completely. Lakewood Dentist, Dr. Slota can fit porcelain crowns tightly at the base of a patient’s gum and in order to protect what remains of the natural tooth.

If you want to know if porcelain crowns are the cosmetic dentistry aesthetic makeover for you, just make an appointment with our Lakewood Dental Office, Denver Smiles by calling (303) 623-4444 or filling out the online form to meet with our dentist, Dr. Bernard Slota. You may also be a candidate for dental bridges, another “fixed” dentistry solution to replacing one or more missing teeth that, like crowns, offer greater freedom than removable appliances or partial dentures.