benefits of porcelain crownsDental crowns are caps that fit over your teeth. They cover the chewing surface of the tooth all the way down to the gum line, and they could be a good solution for your dental needs. Dental crowns can be a great way to correct dental issues and to protect teeth, and it could be a solution that will work well for your needs. However, even though many patients have heard of dental crowns, they do not know much about them or how they might be able to help. Take the time to learn some of the biggest benefits of porcelain crowns.

Why Choose Porcelain Crowns?

If a tooth has been severely damaged, has had root canal therapy, or has severe decay, the dentists can help to correct the problem. However, they will also want to have a method of keeping the tooth nice and safe. This is where the dental crowns can help. When you use this type of restorative dentistry, it can reduce the amount of pain and sensitivity a person feels while eating. It will also provide protection against further damage.

Another of the benefits of porcelain crowns is the fact that the procedure to create and place them is simple. Many mistakenly think that it is a complicated process, but it generally involves just two visits. The dentists will shape the tooth and make an impression of it, and then send the impression to the lab. Once the permanent crown is made, the dentist will use bonding cement to place it over your tooth.

Restore Your Dental Health with Porcelain Crowns

The dental crowns look natural, too, so no one needs to know you are wearing them. If you would like to know more about the benefits of porcelain crowns, be sure to contact our dentists at Denver Smiles in Golden. Visit the contact page or call us at 303-623-4444.