candidate for porcelain veneersIf you are interested in enhancing your confidence and your appearance, porcelain veneers are an excellent option that may be perfect for your smile. These thin porcelain layers cover the front of your teeth, making them appear white, straight, perfectly spaced, and evenly sized. This procedure is not right for everyone, however. Here are some characteristics of a good candidate for porcelain veneers.

Overall Great Oral Health

A good candidate for porcelain veneers will have excellent oral health overall. While some cracked or chipped teeth can be addressed by veneers, decaying teeth or unhealthy gums are best treated before having veneers applied.

No Teeth Grinders

A good candidate for porcelain veneers is not someone who grinds their teeth in their sleep, clenches their jaw when stressed, or has a habit of biting their fingernails or chewing on pencils or pens. All of these habits can cause damage to the veneers.

Properly Aligned Bite

A good candidate for porcelain veneers has a properly aligned bite that does not allow for any part of the veneer to be worn down by misaligned tooth placement.

Plenty of Healthy Tooth Enamel

During the process for having veneers applied, some of the enamel on the top layer of your teeth will be removed. A good candidate for porcelain veneers should have plenty of healthy enamel below this layer, to facilitate good bonding and support for the dental veneers.

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If you fit the characteristics above, then you are likely a great candidate for this cosmetic dentistry procedure. Of course, there are always unique situations that may affect whether you are a good candidate. Our porcelain veneers specialist in Golden at Denver Smiles can help! Give us a call at 303-623-4444 or contact us online. We are always happy to help you learn if you are a good candidate for porcelain veneers.