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cosmetic dentistry faqs

Even those with impeccable dental hygiene habits can find that their teeth are not as white, straight, or perfect as they want, especially later in life. Due to aging, and possibly even genetics, teeth get duller and worn down just from general use. Add in lifestyle choices like tobacco use or coffee drinking, and it is easy to see why cosmetic dentistry is such a popular branch. These are some of the most common cosmetic dentistry FAQs we are asked by our patients in Golden.

Why Is Cosmetic Dentistry Important?

First, cosmetic dentistry procedures like veneers, dental crowns, and certain types of aligners, do more than just address aesthetic issues. These procedures can also work to restore good dental health and prevent future decay or damage. Second, it is interesting just how powerful a beautiful smile can be. Studies have shown that people who are able to smile confidently suffer from less depression, less social anxiety, and have better emotional well-being overall.

Is Cosmetic Dental Work Very Expensive?

Cosmetic dentistry has gotten a bad reputation over the years as being very expensive. Dental crowns and other procedures used to be accessible only to the wealthy. However, in the past decade, dental technology has improved so much that we are now able to offer the same cosmetic dentistry procedures at a much more accessible price. Many dental insurance agencies are now also covering certain cosmetic procedures because they can address health issues as well.

How Long Do Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures Last?

The lifespan of cosmetic dentistry procedures can vary significantly based on your oral hygiene habits, lifestyle habits, and what procedure you have performed. For example, with great oral health care, a veneer can last for 20 years or even longer.

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