Am I a Candidate for General Dentistry?

candidate for general dentistry

Have you ever heard the term preventative dentistry? What about general dentistry? Both mean the same thing, and both are umbrella terms for the branch of dentistry that involves taking care of your teeth before any bad oral health issues can develop. To understand if you are a candidate for general dentistry, let’s define what general dentistry involves.

General Dentistry Starts at Home

General dentistry actually does not start with your dentist in Golden. It starts with you. Your daily brushing, flossing, rinsing, and tongue scraping habits are all a part of preventative dentistry. In addition, your lifestyle choices like choosing to avoid drinking coffee, using tobacco, or biting your fingernails could be a part of preventing decay and damage to your teeth.

General Dentistry Covers a Wide Array in the Office

When you visit your general dentist in Golden, you will find that they perform checkups, cleaning, cavity filling, and other standard dental procedures. In many cases, general dentists are also restorative and cosmetic dentists, so they may work in more specific treatments with your appointment. However, the goal of general dentistry is always to help you have better oral health overall.

So Who Is a Good Candidate for General Dentistry?

The short answer is: everyone. Even if you have the best oral health and great hygiene habits, it is still important to visit your general dentist on a regular schedule. At your general dentistry appointments, you will be screened for oral cancer and gum disease, have stubborn plaque build-up removed from your teeth, and have the opportunity to adjust your habits or schedule for optimal oral health.

Schedule Your Appointment with Your Dentist in Golden

We recommend visiting your general dentist twice every year, but some patients may need to see their dentist more often. To understand more about what general dentistry can offer, call our Golden office at 303-623-4444 or contact us online.