Leading Edge Dental Technology

Denver Smiles utilizes leading edge dental technology to provide you with a progressive dental office experience. Our office features lasers, intraoral cameras, digital x-rays including state of the art 3D cone beam imaging, to provide you with modern dental care in a comfortable and relaxing environment. Our Lakewood dental office offers patients the latest in dental technology to provide patients with more effective and efficient treatments.


The BIOLASE EPIC diode laser provides dentists with four different configurations to meet all needs. The laser can be used as a standard soft tissue diode laser, and has features for pain therapy and teeth whitening. The laser delivers precise control of tissue cutting for all types of procedures. Compared to traditional methods, the laser’s wavelength makes cleaner cuts, more patient comfort and more hemostasis. The laser can provide relief of lesions and perform pocket therapy. Laser dentistry is proven to be less painful and provide faster healing times than traditional methods. It’s also beneficial for patients who dislike the sound of the drill because the laser is significantly quieter.

Digital X-Raysdigital x-rays technology

In the past, x-rays included wearing heavy lead vests and holding uncomfortable bite wings in the mouth for long amounts of time. The x-rays usually turned out blurry or inaccurate and took multiple tries for decent images the dentist could use. The entire process could take ages. Today, digital x-rays are must easier. They are done simply and fast with the use of a sensor in the mouth. The images are immediately uploaded to the computer for the dentist to look at. In addition, the radiation exposure is reduced by approximately 90% compared to traditional methods.

Intraoral Camera

Denver Smiles uses intraoral cameras to catch a better glimpse into the mouths of patients. It’s not easy to see everything that needs to be seen with the naked eye in the mouth. The intraoral camera is a small camera that can capture every corner of the mouth so nothing goes unseen. This helps the dentist see every important detail of the mouth to diagnose and treat more accurately. The microscopic camera displays any signs of gum disease, cavities and more.

3D Cone Beam Imaging technology3D Cone Beam Imaging

The 3D Cone Beam Imaging technology gives our dentist a 3D image of your jaw, teeth and facial structures. The scan is done comfortably in a dental chair and produces low radiation levels, meaning it’s a comfortable and safe procedure. The image helps your dentist during treatment planning like for placing dental implants. It also helps diagnose and treat problems sooner which can save patients money and pain in the long run.

See the Difference with New Dental Technology

If you would like to experience state of the art dental technology for yourself, contact Denver Smiles today by calling (303) 623-4444 or filling out our online contact form. We offer a large variety of dental procedures, including general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, restorative dentistry and more.