If the thought of wearing unsightly metal braces has kept you from perfecting your smile, then ClearCorrect might be for you. ClearCorrect is an American made brand of clear aligners worn over your teeth that work like traditional braces to perfect an imperfect smile. Dr. Bernard Slota at Denver Smiles in Lakewood, CO offers ClearCorrect to patients who want a perfect smile but don’t want to deal with the unpleasant side effects of traditional braces. On top of offering ClearCorrect, Dr. Slota also offers Invisalign and Fastbraces for your orthodontic needs.


ClearCorrectBenefits of ClearCorrect

There are many benefits to choosing ClearCorrect over traditional braces. The number one perk is they are invisible! You don’t have to hide your smile behind metal. Unless someone gets within centimeters of your face, they won’t be able to tell that you are wearing braces.


Another benefit is that they are removable. With traditional braces, you have to avoid a lot of delicious food and worry about getting stains on your teeth. ClearCorrect can be removed for up to two hours a day for eating, drinking, brushing and flossing. You can eat whatever you want and not have to worry about stains or food getting stuck in your braces.


Another major benefit to choosing ClearCorrect, is that it is not painful. Traditional braces require visits to the dentist for tightening which can cause pain for up to three days. With ClearCorrect, you will wear your specified aligners for about 2 to 4 weeks as directed by Dr. Slota before starting a new pack. These aligners slowly shift your teeth into place without the pain from tightening traditional braces.


Am I a Candidate for ClearCorrect?ClearCorrect

If you experience any of the following problems and aren’t interested in the process of traditional braces, ClearCorrect might be for you. Ask Dr. Bernard Slota at Denver Smiles if you are a candidate.

  • Crowded Teeth
  • Space Between Teeth
  • Overbites
  • Underbites
  • Crooked or rotated (turned) teeth


The procedure begins with an in office consultation with Dr. Slota. If he concludes that you are a good candidate, he will begin the process. The process if fairly quick and completely painless. Dr. Slota will take impressions, photographs, x-rays and radiographs of your teeth to send to the laboratory. At the lab, they create an exact 3D model of your current teeth. From there, your treatment is created on the computer to show the before and desired after results. After approving your treatment plan, your custom aligners will be created and sent to you. Over weeks, you will revisit Dr. Slota so he can check how your teeth are coming along and adjust aligners if necessary. Desired results can take anywhere from one year up to three years depending on the severity of the bite.


During your ClearCorrect treatment, you will have to follow a few simple rules for best results:

  • Remove aligners to eat, drink, brush and floss
  • Don’t remove for more than two hours a day
  • Go to all scheduled dental check ups
  • Wear retainer as directed after completion of treatment

Learn More

To learn more about ClearCorrect, offered from Dr. Slota at Denver Smiles in Lakewood, CO, contact us today at 303-623-4444 or by filling out the contact form on our contact page. A perfect smile can easily be achieved with the help of ClearCorrect!